Please think !

I applied to join this company a month ago for my 5 year old son.

Before the shoot I asked will I be requested to pay any money. The agency informed me no but not to expect any pictures for free from the shoot. So I went along had the shoot and ended up buying the pictures for 250. Some really nice pictures some not so nice pictures. After the shoot it took about a week for my son to appear on the website. 6 days later I was emailed and asked to attend a casting which I could not attend due to my work load and the fact I am a single father made it even more difficult to attend.

I have heard nothing since so I googled the company and found this forum.

My worry is all you parents are on here screaming and shouting and it is clear that an awful lot of the comments are wrote by the same number of people on here. What if a client who wants to hire a model goggles the company and reads this ?

Surely my son will have even less of a chance then he did before.

It is also clear some parents on here have spent no money at all, just wasted time attending.

Please have a thought for me and the hundreds of other parents and models on the agency books.

I have spent money and put my time into this. Some of you have done none of this but are still on here screaming and shouting.

So my overall point is this agency may not be the best agency I could have chosen but I am stuck with them so please can you parents spare a thought for others who are stuck with this company and think before you carry on screaming and shouting.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of modeling agency. Adora Models needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Apparently Anthony Jones real name is Nigel Prior......

London, England, United Kingdom #941030


I just live the various schemes they think up

to Anonymous #941380

Live? You live and breath this ? LOL

to Anonymous Chester, England, United Kingdom #941468

meant to say love

Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom #940825

If you believe that to be true that's upto you, but I will say email all their client list and they will all confirm they are not clients of adora.... Also I have friends who are up on the website and the company have been asked to take their pictures down which they won't.... A legitimate company would not advertise false clients and would not keep photos of models on website when told to take them down, unless trying to make themselves look legitimate

to Anonymous #940875

My point exactly email the clients on the list and they will certainly not hire the agency models.

So you who probably gave no money spends the days on here spoiling my chances my sons chances even more and emailing the client list.

Anybody who reads this comment I suggest you email the agency for evidence of the client list and you will be happy in my opinion.

to Anonymous #940953

Wake up and smell the coffee!If you are not an Adora scam artist/employee (which I suspect you are as nobody would read the comments by the agency staff and feel them to be justified!)and actually have fallen for the BS,it is you that is spoiling your son's chances by signing up to a scam.Don't take your stupidity out on people wise enough to see through it.And what makes your money more important than their time?There are also people on here that have spent a lot more than you and have never heard from them again.The rude obnoxious attitude and total lack of professionalism (that even a scam artist would attempt in his quest to fool people.) of Anthony Jones is what has escalated these people to respond.Have you not read his comments advising people to get themselves jobs and stop sending their children out to work and living their dreams through their children? If this is also your intention,may I suggest you find a reputable agency as Adora is on it's way out.

to Anonymous #941343

Ive contacted ALL the clients and not one of them have heard of Adora apart from ITV who asked Adora to take their trademark off the site as they do not work with them.

You are not a father of a son looking to model but another Adora employee.

to Anonymous #941516

So itv do know the agency or not ? Ya don't make sense Ya weirdo

to Anonymous #941521

Oh dear another Adora employee.

I know that English isnt your first language so I will explain it in simple terms you ***.

ITV are not a client of Adoras.

Adora have used ITVs trademark (sorry dont know the Spanish for this concept).

ITV have asserted their legal rights as trademark owners to insist that Adora (whom I shall subsequently refer to as scammers) remove said reference off their site.

So ITV are aware of the scammers in a not dissimilar fashion to a householder being aware of thief entering the house. It doesnt mean they are best of friends you fool Anthony Jones.

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