This is becoming quite annoying, reading all these negative things about Adora Model Management.

Look, Adora is not the biggest recruitment model agency out there, but so far, are trying to expand by reaching to as many potential 'wannabe's' as possible. What they are doing is different! No other model agency even comes close to being as diverse as Adora.

''The way that a model gets work is to maintain a portfolio (commonly called a “book” in the fashion world) which showcases the best work that they have done. In the case of new models this isn’t possible, so you may be asked to shoot some “test” shots. If possible your agent will try and get you free tests, whereby you give your time for free in return for a photographer giving their time for free. You both benefit by getting pictures for your books. Sometimes, however, you may be required to pay for tests to get your portfolio started. With a reputable agent these costs should be paid up front by the agent, and later reclaimed from your earnings. Even with a free test you may be required to pay for any prints of the shots that you like (Model, 2009).''

Adora made it clear that they don't do free portfolio's. If you read about small agencies you'd understand why.

For God's sake! These complaints have been going on for so long! Trading standards or whoever you complained to should have done something already if Adora was a lie. Give them a break, man! You saying all these hurtful stuff will not go without some rebuttal from Adora employee's themself. They are human. They feel pain/hurt, too! Expect them to speak their minds if provoked beyond what they can handle.

I got accepted into Adora, and it didn't cost me a thing!!!! So, how is it that some are complaining about paying for this and about that?

And, NO! I am not an employee (as this is the losing card most of you like to use).

This is pathetic! Just because you were not Adora model material doesn't gives you the right to create a fuss. Pinch me if I'm wrong, but give it a rest already!

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Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom #963231

bull *** my daughter was accepted and yes yous are conning and ripping people off you moorons

Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom #963228

what a load of *** your spouting give this employee a badge yous are just lying *** artists pure lies after lies well i have put of loads falling in your trap ***

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #962238

Here here!!!!!! One positive comment amongst loads of negatives. No smoke without fire I say.


Why would anyone go out of their way to write an essay on a complaints site. If you love them so much go and set up a flippin' fan page. There's way too many complaints so even take your paragraph seriously.

Heaton Norris, Stockport, United Kingdom #957732


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