I am reading this debate and comments with this company on face book.

From what I can see you parents approach this company and send them images in the first place.

YOU , yes YOU as a parent approach the agency.

So YOU have put your baby, child in the situation in the first place so why do YOU all start complaining with pathetic comments such as my ..Heartbroken daughter , my little 3 week old baby only wants a job.

SORRY but you as parents need a reality check. Of course they charge for images like any photograph studio would.

REALITY CHECK PLEASE and let children be children and NOTHING in this world is free including your little stars portfolios.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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New Malden, Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom #939749

obviously works for Adora. Its probably Anthony

England, United Kingdom #938137

Yes WE approach the agency... just like WE approach any company looking for any kind of job?!

Do you not approach companies with a CV to apply for every day jobs like retail assistants? Office administrators? Yeah i think you do, so a MASSIVE invalid point you have there.

Definitely an Adora employee or even Anthony Jones himself posting that comment, gets very hostile and arguementative when criticised. I'd know all about that from rude and abnoxious emails I've received myself.

You're losing the battle and can't stand it. Funny how its the MAJORITY of people complaning about the agency and very very few actually praising you.

Everything about your company is a lie and it will all soon be uncovered. Watch this space.


One of the comments written from Valencia?? Hmm interesting.


And you said it yourself "Photograhy Studio" NOT agency. You have no clients, you get no work.

You post the odd free job on Facebook that you found online.

If you are an agency, why do you post jobs on Facebook and say contact the client direct?? Why not deal with the job and get some of them poor people on your website a job!


Another Adora employee. This isn't a debate.

It is a complains site. The fact of the matter is this: This company advertises for 'Child Models' for work. So parents think wow sounds great. When in actual fact they have to spend a bomb on photos and never get any work.

How on earth is that the parents fault??? Do enlighten

to Paula C #937792

You aré seriously suggesting i am an adora employee and putting clients and parents off applying ? You aré a crazy pushy mother like i said above. Crazy , crazy, crazy , crazy

to Anonymous #937828

who else would defend a company?

I wouldnt defend Tesco no matter what was written about them.

All the positive reviews are from staff.


Because people are realising its a scam and Adora are losing business.

Bye bye Adora....

to Anonymous #937867

You made that comment about tesco on one of your crazy comments a month back. Yep i have read all the comments and yes i can see you have made lots and lots.

I am not defending this company by the way for all i know They may be a *** but my point is your a crazy , crazy pushy mum. Let your child be a child and stop making it work .....stop living your fantasy of being a model through your child thats my point.

to Anonymous #937885

Lets get back to the facts, because you dont know this woman or her motivations.

Adora are a photo studio, and a poor one at that, not a model agency.

They are scammers and their employees are losers and go home to Spain.

I am sure you are not an employee because no one one could be that low and string a sentence together.

Anyway it doesnt matter what their employees say. There are so many poor reviews about that *** company it wont be long before they *** off home.

to Anonymous New Malden, Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom #939713

definitely an Adora employee

to Anonymous #937890

You are clearly an Adora employee d**khead

to Anonymous Valencia, Valencia, Spain #938086

Oh sorry I am not and please have some respect for a lady.

I also see you use that foul term in a lot of your other comments on here....I think you are the one being found out.

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