Found these links hope you find them interesting read you have 30 days cooling off period as well as a lot more so don't think you have to pay these scamming swines just google cooling off period for photography makes a very good read

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Problem is we paid the fecking studio not the agency therefore the cooling off period is void.

I had the baliffs turn up at my door over this and were going to take my house hold goods until my parents came to the rescue and paid the debt collectors.

After all I did take the pics just wish I knew better at the time.

to Anonymous #983072

The cooling off period is on gov.uk saying you have 30 days traiding standards says your in the right to cancel within the 30 days you just need to put it in writing so let them call here just phone police there is nothing they can do its fraud misrepresentation act 1967 you shouldn't have paid they just use bully tactics to scare you

to Anonymous #1005993

Did you do it with success. ..as i reported them as well to the action fraud ... my bank blocked them...I need to see how far everyone is gonne in stopping them, still their studio was busy, so like me, people are still not aware they are scums

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